Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Kruger Brothers, JigJam & Dan Walsh at Eagle Music

Once again, Eagle Music in Huddersfield are being recognised as Deering Banjos No. 1 reseller worldwide. If you have ever visited Eagle Music, purchased an instrument from them (or even just spoken to someone who has) this will come as no surprise; yet this accolade has been earned by the hard work and dedication of Eagle Music owner Steve Noon and his team. Did I mention that this is the 10th year that Eagle Music have been Deering's No. 1? That's right - ten years.

As has happened in previous years, this achievement is being celebrated on October 22nd with a day of music at the North Light Gallery in Huddersfield. Full details of the event can be found on Eagle Music's website but, as before, the highlight for many will be the return of The Kruger Brothers with their only UK appearance.

As well as the opportunity to access many of the Deering Banjo range there will be performances and workshops throughout the day including the return of JigJam who have been receiving rave reviews of their appearances in the US and Europe - hopefully they will arrive with a bag full of their new release 'Hello World'. 

Workshops covering different styles of banjo playing will be held throughout the day including a beginners/improvers workshop by Eagle Music's Graham Holt,  Bill Forster will run a 5-string workshop and Gavin Strappe will run an Irish Tenor Banjo workshop.

There will be performances through the day by James Allan, Pat Kelleher (Long Neck Banjo) and Dan Walsh who is perhaps the UK's most original and innovative banjo player.

The full programme, as mentioned before, can be found on the Eagle Music website but the day concludes with a concert by The Kruger Brothers supported by JigJam.

For many, The Kruger Brothers need no introduction. That Jens Kruger has such a close association with Deering Banjos comes as no surprise given the meticulous nature of his playing and his generosity in sharing his knowledge and experience; the guitar playing of Uwe is majestic and Joel's bass playing is masterful. Having recently attended Carolina in the Fall in Wilkesboro, North Carolina where we were captivated by their performance of the Spirit of the Rockies (with full orchestra) and they recently premiered their Roan Mountain Suite with the Kontras Quartet (who also appeared on their Lucid Dreamer album). On a personal note, if contemplating an Appalachian adventure, you should ensure that you add Carolina in the Fall to your itinerary.

Come to Eagle Music on Saturday October 22nd - help Eagle Music celebrate the great achievement of being Deering Banjos No.1 reseller for the 10th year and enjoy some of the best music that can be heard.