Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Red Wine Bluegrass Party #7

'A BLUEGRASS JOURNEY' - Teatro della Tosse, Genoa, Italy
Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 09:15pm 

The Red Wine Bluegrass Party No. 7 - "A Bluegrass Journey" – will be an imaginary journey into bluegrass music. It will start from its Anglo / Scots / Irish origins, mowing at first towards old time music of the early American colonies, and then to country music. It will follow the Southeastern US early blues / gospel tradition and Bill Monroe, the charismatic mandolin player and leader of The Bluegrass Boys, thus eventually leading to Bluegrass music.

The journey will continue exploring other subgenres, born from the latest contamination with folk, jazz, pop and rock that in many cases allowed Bluegrass to establish itself in countries far from its origins.
A number of national and international guests will accompany The Red Wine on this trip (Filippo Gambetta organet, Henrich Novak  dobro, Jiry Kralik violin, Michel Balatti flute and other surprise guests), adding different sounds and atmospheres to the show.
Enjoy some of their music while waiting for the show!

Advance sale:
Teatro della Tosse - Piazza Renato Negri, 6, 16123 Genova (tel. 010 247 0793)
Disco Club - Via San Vincenzo, 20, 16121 Genova (tel. 010 542 422)
Happy Ticket -

Single ticket € 20

For further info: the Red Wine website or Facebook page.