Saturday, 14 November 2015

For Sale: Mike Auldridge's 1935 Regal/Dobro

A genuine piece of Bluegrass history.

The late Mike Auldridge's primary (and favorite) resophonic guitar played exclusively on recordings and in performance from 1983 through 1993; his 1935 Regal/Dobro #426. This guitar is the last of Mike's personal guitars that will be made available to the public. It is being sold to benefit his family.

Fellow bandmate and friend, John Duffey, used to jokingly introduce Mike as "The Legend". It was no joke. Duffey admired and respected Mike Auldridge perhaps more than anyone else in his musical life. So did Mike's many fans. He was one of the very few true innovators in the history of the resophonic slide guitar world. Those familiar with his music with the band 'Seldom Scene' or solo recordings know he had a very special touch on the instrument. This instrument was Mike's "baby".

Mike passed away 29 December 2012. While sad to see iconic tools-of-the-trade have to leave their Master, it is often out of necessity to offer them for sale. In a best case scenario, we might hope someone with the talent to do so will be the new caretaker. Someone who will honor and continue the history of this beautiful well-played piece.

Regal/Dobro #426 comes with Mike Auldridge's custom-built case, a letter written and signed by Mike telling the story of this instrument, and several other items.


More details and price may be found at Resophonic Outfitters.