Thursday, 10 September 2015

Dutch Bluegrass at "Festival De Opening" on September 12

This multi-cultural music and performance festival will present a bluegrass program in the Dutch city of Emmen (in the province of Drenthe) on Saturday, September 12, 2015. The bluegrass portion of the festival is based on the book "High Lonesome Below Sea Level: Faces and Stories of Bluegrass Music in the Netherlands".

[For those not yet familiar with it, this is the first book written about the bluegrass genre scene in Holland by Loes van Schaijk, with beautiful photos by Marieke Odenkerk. It is written in English. In the past several months since its release the book has received high praise from scholars and reviewers around the world.]

2015 Boete'n Deur Festival in Odoorn, NL
This event is presented in cooperation with Silvia Fledderus who produces the long-running annual music series and festival "Boet'n Deure" at the Poolshoogte site in the forest area of Odoorn, Netherlands. Sylvia's father, Lambert Schonemaker, ran this series since 1997 and she recently accepted the responsibility of continuing this excellent program when he retired as the promoter/producer. This is Holland's only outdoor bluegrass event. It is free for the general public, sponsored by donations and local funding.

A number of Dutch and American musicians will attend, perform, and jam at this 'festival' in the city center of Emmen. The authors of the book will also be present. The "High Lonesome" stage is located on the lawn under the trees at the Emmen Town Hall ("onder de bomen bij het gemeentehuis", in Dutch). This location is walking distance from the train station.

This is short notice, but an event worth mentioning. The weather prediction is good, and Emmen is not far from Germany and Belgium. It should be a great day of music, friendship and a chance to buy your copy of a quality bluegrass book about the scene in Holland directly from the authors.

Of course, in the familiar tradition unique to bluegrass -- Bring your instruments for jamming!!

The Event 
Emmen, Netherlands
Saturday - September 12, 2015
13:00 - 23:00
 "High Lonesome" -- Artists and Schedule *

* NOTE: this link contains the correct information, including performance times)

The Book
"High Lonesome Below Sea Level" 
  Website      Facebook site 

The Festival, plus Music Series "Boet'n Deure" 
Odoorn, Netherlands
Boet'n Deure