Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Russ Barenberg in Rome - Masterclass + Concert - June 3rd, 2015

After the great success of the concerts organized during the last days in Sarzana, Italy, at the 18th Acoustic Guitar Meeting and the 3rd Italian Bluegrass Meeting, Danilo Cartia is proud to announce that Russ Barenberg will be in Rome today to lead a Masterclass and play a concert at the Blackmarket, Via Panisperna 101, Rione Monti, Rome, at 4:00pm.

In his Masterclass Russ would like to help participants improve the way they practice so that everything they play starts to sound better and more musical. He’ll work on improving tone and timing; getting rid of “choppiness” and playing with more sustain and fluidity; understanding pick direction; playing with pulse and dynamics; learning melodies accurately and using them to generate strong solos. Fundamentally, this all means learning to listen in more detail to one's own playing and to music in general.
He will also teach participants to play one of his original tunes, and will demonstrate some others and explain what is involved in playing them.
Finally, he will welcome questions just about anything music-related: playing, projects he's been involved with .... and anything that might help musically.

After the masterclass, he will play a concert, an "exquisitely original" and enduring body of work that joyously integrates bluegrass, jazz, and American/Celtic fiddle and dance traditions. The concert will be in the same venue.

As a final point, here is Russ Barenberg in action. Enjoy!