Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Patuxent Partners visit Ireland in July

The Patuxent Partners will be coming to Ireland between the 13th and 19th July. The group will comprise Tom Mindte (mandolin), Bryan Deere (guitar) and John Brunschwyler (banjo) from the regular Patuxent Partners band along with Daniel Greeson and Nate Leath on twin fiddles and Neil Knicely on bass.

Nate Leath & Daniel Greeson
Nate Leath and Daniel Greeson have both released albums on the Patuxent Music label and John Brunschwyler also appears on the Patuxent Banjo Project album (which features an incredible array of players including Mike Munford, Mark Schatz, Gina Clowes, Murphy Henry and Bill Emerson & many others).

The Patuxent Partners concert dates are as follows: