Thursday, 18 June 2015

Henhouse Prowlers in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Prague

Having received an email that the Henhouse Prowlers would be visiting Europe for shows across Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and one in Prague I thought that I should find out more about the band rather than just give you all a list of dates and what a surprise I had!

I found an article on the PRI website called 'How a Chicago bluegrass band rocked Nigeria's music scene' - read the full article here. To summarise, the Henhouse Prowlers went on a state-funded month-long tour in Africa as part of American Music Abroad (an organisation which fosters cross-cultural connections between American musicians and global audiences). They were subsequently invited back by the American Embassy in Nigeria where they covered a popular Nigerian contemporary song and ultimately performed the song with the original artist - Peter Okoye - at a reception in the US Embassy in Abuja. Bluegrass: the music with no borders.

Here are Henhouse Prowlers performing with local musicians in Uganda.

Anyway...what about the concert dates? Here they are:

6/19 - Jaarmarkt | Vorselaar, Belgium
6/20 - Kids 'n' Billies 2015 | Nijmegen, Netherlands
6/21 - Muddy Roots Europe | Waardamme, Belgium
6/22 - Harksheide | Norderstedt, Germany
6/24 - kunstkeller o27 | Furth, Germany
6/25 - Rock Café Prague (Official), Czech Republic
6/26 - Kulturrampe Krefeld, Germany
6/27 - Pijnackerplein Bluegrass Festival | Rotterdam, Netherlands
6/28 - NiX BBBlues Club | Enschede, Netherlands
6/29 - De Parel Van Zuilen | Utrecht, Netherlands
6/30-7/1 - Vintage Pub (Private) | Munich, Germany
7/2 - Extra-Blues-Bar | Bielefeld, Germany
7/3 - Flöz-K | Werne, Germany
7/4 - RosRock Festival | Rossum, Netherlands
7/5 - Hoogtevrees | Deventer, Netherlands

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Concert dates start tomorrow - 19th June - so go and welcome Henhouse Prowlers to Europe.