Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bluegrass Music in Europe: Donald Wermuth seeks your input

We have just received a message from Donald Wermuth who is a Supporting Member of the EBMA who will be giving a presentation in the USA on Bluegrass music in Europe. Here is Donald's message:
Dear Bluegrass friends,

Can I ask for a favor as a supporting member of the EBMA?

In the last week of July I shall give a presentation (a mixture of text, pictures and music) about the development of Bluegrass Music in Europe with a special focus on the Netherlands. This will take place at The Bluegrass Week at Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins WVA. This is part of the series of presentations from Fred Bartenstein about "The History Of Bluegrass Music".

I woud like to have input on the following:
  • What is the reason/drive/motivation behind you playing Bluegrass music (whether this is as an individual or as part of a bluegrass group)?
  • What are your ambitions concerning playing Bluegrass, do you have specific goals?
  • Are there anything else that you would like to tell me about discovering and playing Bluegrass?
Please send your replies  to: bluegrassduck @ and I would be very grateful if you could send me your replies before June 22nd.

I will, as much as possible, integrate your input in the presentation.

Donald Wermuth

So..if you can, send Donald an email and help him pass on information about Bluegrass music in Europe and learn more about the Bluegrass Week at Augusta Heritage Center here.