Saturday, 11 April 2015

John Lowell Band at new venue "METROPOL" in Kusterdingen, Germany

There is a new, intimate concert venue for traveling bands in southwest Germany

In Kusterdingen, a small town between the university towns of Tuebingen and Reutlingen, about 40 km south of Stuttgart, a new small venue is about to open. Kusterdingen? Have I heard the name before? Chances are that you have, seeing as the annual “Bluegrass im Klosterhof” mini festival is held there on the second Saturday in January. While the “Klosterhof” is a fantastic venue (packing an audience of 200), its major drawback is that it’s a costly venue for regular concerts. Dieter Stoll of Horse Mountain said "[Bluegrass im Klosterhof gets] it free of charge once a year, and that’s that. Rental fee is prohibitive for occasional shows by traveling bands." But now there’s another option, which is just as charming. For the past ten years, tucked away in a vintage barn (built in 1773), Horse Mountain and a couple of friends have been running a small cinema theater named “METROPOL” which is intentionally rather tongue-in-cheek for a rural barn seating only 32! While there is one weekly show every Thursday from October through April,the rest of the time there is not much going on there. This should (and will) change!
Check out the "METROPOL" website (note: this is a bilingual German-English site)

On Monday, April 20 (8pm, doors open 7:30) the John Lowell Band will premiere the place.  A message of the John Lowell Band's Facebook page reports that tickets are selling quickly so don't miss the opportunity. If you (as a band or an individual artist) think that this venue could be of interest to you contact Dieter Stoll of Horse Mountain. and he will take it from there.
We are, by the way, an official affiliate of Michael Jonathon’s Woodsongs family. Did you know that Woodsongs not only entails the weekly show at Lyric Theater in Lexington KY, but also a network of Woodsongs Coffeehouses? Well, now you know, and we are one of them. Come see us sometime!

Once again, for more information, contact Dieter Stoll of Horse Mountain.