Wednesday, 1 April 2015

EBMA Blog Team: pouvez-vous aider? kun je helpen? können Sie helfen? kan du hjälpa ?

The EBMA Bluegrass Gathering at the Munich Bluegrass Festival gave the opportunity for two of the dedicated, tireless and immensely talented EBMA Blog Team to sit down together and come up with wonderful ideas!

OK, now that we have your attention.. we have a simple question: Can you help? or should that be pouvez-vous aider? kun je helpen? können Sie helfen? kan du hjälpa?

As I found in Munich (and much to my embarrassment) my German language skills are very poor and my Italian and French are best not mentioned at all. I would imagine that there are other Bluegrass fans across Europe who, like me, are not multi-lingual yet the EBMA Blog articles are all published in English. This is where the 'pouvez-vous aider? kun je helpen? können Sie helfen? kan du hjälpa?' comes in.

We would like to hear from anyone that would like to join the EBMA Blog Team and help us to enable our articles to reach (and be easily read by) as many Bluegrass fans as possible. While I asked (hopefully correctly) in French, Dutch, German and Swedish that is not a definitive list so if you are from Spain or the Czech Republic... puede ayudar? or můžete pomoci?

To start, we would like to see articles translated from English into another European language but if you would like to write articles about Bluegrass in your part of Europe then we would be happy to talk about that too and help you. If you are interested, then send an email to the Blog Team and one of us will write back to you and tell you more.

So... we look forward to hearing from you soon and adiós, sbohem, viszontlátásra, vaarwel, farvel & adjö or Goodbye from the EBMA Blog Team

Stu & Letizia - Two of the EBMA Blog Team at the
Munich Bluegrass Festival