Friday, 19 December 2014

Old-time / Bluegrass music week in Spain

Would you like to learn to sing, play fiddle, banjo or guitar in traditional American Folk style with some of the finest teachers? Here is an ideal opportunity for an outstanding week for beginners and experienced players, held in May 2015, in a beautiful and remote valley located in mountainous south-eastern Spain, an hour’s drive north of Almeria.  

The team of delightful and generous teachers will include Dave Bing and Ben Townsend (from Virginia, USA), Joff Lowson, Johnny Whelan, Kate Lissauer (from Maryland, USA), Rose Ardron, Sue Clare and Sibs Riesent. With all your food and accommodation needs taken care of  you can leave the daily world behind and fully immerse yourself in music for a whole week.

This Old-Time Country Music Workshop Holiday will allow you to learn playing fiddle, guitar, banjo, or singing, work with some of the world’s finest old-time country musicians, make new friends, enjoy a wealth of great experiences, eat great food, swim, walk, play games, and become more relaxed and healthy than you ever thought was possible in connection with playing music!

In addition to a full tuition program, there is also ample opportunity to play freely together, with everyone encouraged to join in. You will also have the occasion to jam with the teachers and receive one-to-one coaching outside of the daily scheduled classes.
Cost (travel expenses not comprised) is £595, food and tuition included. Booking 5 months in advance of the week you are joining will allow you a discount on the registration fee. 
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