Friday, 7 November 2014

New international bluegrass project BGSTUDIO.EU

This comes as a wonderful and fresh initiative in our music, thanks Lucien Holmes! Please keep us up to date!

Greetings and a happy autumn!

I'm an American songwriter and (mostly!) bluegrass musician with a Czech band. In the last few years, more than a few bands have asked me for some songs I wrote that they could play. But I've got hundreds -- too many. It was too much pressure for me to choose the "right" ones. So I thought I would make a library of what I've written so bands could choose their own. This project was born when I realized I'm a good deal better at writing songs than I am at playing them.
Over the last year, I've built It's an online collaborative bluegrass venture for musicians all over the world. The idea is that they --you! -- help build a library one brick at a time, by sending in any track that you've recorded at home. I then mix the track, re-master the song, and add it back to the website.
The end goal is to build a resource of a variety of original bluegrass material and to have a good time doing it, "meeting" other musicians from around the world along the way. Each song, whether in progress or finished, is tagged with the contributing musicians and the type of song, so contributors and/or bands can make more personalized and specific selections.
An equally important end goal is also to minimalize me. This site is not a monument to myself; it's a humble gift. My name intentionally appears only twice on the site. Musicians Chris Schut (R.U.R.), Michal Novak (Kvintet Pisek) and Honza Bartosek (Twisted Timber) have already helped with this dream. Several well-known American musicians have agreed to contribute their talents to the project, as have a handful of Europeans.
But to push it further and make it a reality, I am asking for your personal and/or professional cooperation. I would be grateful to be included in your variety of marketing materials and for cross promotion in social and mainstream media. As the point of all of this is promoting a resource for European bluegrass, I will of course give you premium promotional space.
I feel fortunate to live and work in Europe around bluegrass music, and side by side with so many people who give back in so many ways. Ondra Kozak's ATAMusic site was also an inspiration, and it likewise gives me great pleasure to be able offer something back to the community which has always been so generous to me. The point of the project is getting songs out -- positive growth, fellowship and love.
I would be sincerely grateful for any support you could find it in your hearts to offer. Please be in contact to let me know if I can provide any more information or answer any questions you might have.

Lucien Holmes
+420 607 708 881