Tuesday, 26 August 2014

4 Wheel Drive (NL) - New CD 'Traveling Kind' & 'Pearl Sessions' Concert Series in Utrecht

Photo: Jan Lenting 

On Monday night September 1st, the award-winning Dutch/Belgian/German bluegrass band 4Wheel Drivefeaturing Jolanda Peters, will release its new album 'Traveling Kind' as the opening act for a new series of Monday night concerts called 'Pearl Sessions' ('Parel Sessies') in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Traveling Kind is the name that fits quite well to this combination of musical talent. Ever since they started playing and singing in Western Europe the crowds have been left happy and calling for more.

In the last days of August and into the first week of Septemberthey will travel to Ireland where they appear at the Ulster-American Folk Park Bluegrass Music Festival, then onto The Netherlands to play at De Parel van Zuilen) and then onto Switzerland for the Sunny Mountain Bluegrass Festival.

The 'Pearl Sessions' is a series of Monday night concerts by many national and international artists in the fields of bluegrass-traditional music, folk music, singer-songwriter genres. In the series there will be concerts such artists as Bluegrass BoogiemenJussi Syren & the GroundbreakersPam MacBethAmy Speace & Cara Luft, David Munnelly, Mystiquero's, The High & The Lonesome, Red Herring, MonroeLouvat Bros. and manymany more.

As well as playing their new album, Joost van Es, promoter of 'Pearl Sessions', fiddle-player of 4Wheel Drive and producer of the album 'Traveling Kind' will make a special announcement and reveal the headlining artist of the 3rd Gulpener Bluegrass Festival in Utrecht (link to the festival Facebook page). Tickets for the Gulpener Bluegrass Festival will be on sale from September 1st. Whoever this 'mystery' artist is, the appearance on May 14th at the festival will be their only show for the Netherlands and Belgium so there is likely to be a high demand for tickets. Bluegrass fans are warned:  ticket sales may be limited so keep an eye on this website.

Tickets for 'Pearl Sessions' €15 / €12 / €10
Available throughwww.deparelvanzuilen.nl/cultuur/
Name of venueDe Parel van Zuilen
Address: Burg. Norbruislaan 17, 3555ED Utrecht