Saturday, 30 August 2014

Stringcaster (Netherlands) - New Video & New Album Soon

Stringcasters website boldly states "Moon Howling Guaranteed" and "Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Country and Hillbilly" are these claims justified? After listening to the band, the claims do indeed appear to be accurate - see for yourself on their website Media page.

From The Netherlands, Ralf Wychgel, Jimmy Ellis, Robert van Driesten, Martin Voogd and Marcel Verbaasbring bring all of their musical influences together and are clearly a band that would have even the most weary of audiences on their feet and dancing.

Their latest video, Twilight Zone, as the name implies, uses some strong imagery that might not be suitable for a younger audience.

The video for Twilight Zone is a prelude to a follow up to the bands 8 More Miles album though a release date has not yet been announced.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Festi Jam/Mini Picnic Festival à Mazy (Belgium), 29th and 30th August.

Festi Jam/Mini Picnic Festival à Mazy !!!
2 Jours – 2 Days – 2 Dagen
29th – 30th Août/August 2014

Click here to event web page

! Versions Français, Nederland & English !

Chers amis musiciens et mélomanes,
Fin Août: notre Super Jam-Festival, les 29 et 30 Août à Mazy avec plusieurs concerts, venez nous retrouver avec vos instruments. Dans l’esprit d’un PICNIC FESTIVAL, la prochaine Jam aura lieu sur deux jours les Vendredi 29 Août et Samedi 30 Août 2014.

: Dans le cadre magnifique de la Zy’coop, 9a rue de l’Usine, 5032 Mazy


Vendredi 29 Août: Ouverture des portes à 19h
 Jams et concert : Shenandoah Special

Samedi 30 AoûtOuverture des portes à 15h
Jams et concerts : Clo & Milo – Rudy Velghe & Guy Roelofs – Louvat Bros – Those F**** Bells

Qui: Amateurs de musique Acoustique Bluegrass, Irlandaise et Old time, avec ou sans instrument, débutants ou confirmés... bonne humeur requise!

Plus de détails sur notre sur notre site internet

Organisation: Steve Louvat, Laurent Eeckhout (Picnic Festival) & Pascal Similon (Atelier Guy Ness). Merci à tous les bénévoles pour leur aide précieuse.

Devenez amis maintenant sur Facebook
En espérant vous y rencontrer nombreux et nombreuses.

Musicalement vôtres,
Steve, Laurent & Pascal
                        *    *   *    *    *    *   *    *    *    *   *    *     *    *
Beste vrienden muzikanten en muziekliefhebbers,

Einde van Augustus: en onze Groot Jam-Festival, 29 en 30 Augustus te Mazy met veel concerten, neem U instrument !!! Zoals een PICNIC FESTIVAAL, de elfde jamsessie heeft plaats op Vrijdag 29 en Zaterdag 30 Augustus 2014.

Waar: In het magnifiek kader van Zy’coop, 9a rue de l’Usine, 5032 Mazy


Vrijdag: Opening van de deuren 19u
Jam en concert : Shenandoah Special

Zaterdag: Opening van de deuren 15u
Jam en concerten : Clo & Milo – Rudy Velghe & Guy Roelofs – Louvat Bros – Those F**** Bells

Wie: Amateurs van Bluegrass, Irish en Old time akoestiesche muziek, met of zonder instrument, beginneling of gevorderde ... en breng vooral jullie goed humeur mee!

Voor meer details kijk naar onze web site pagina

Organisatie: Steve Louvat, Laurent Eeckhout (Picnic Festival) & Pascal Similon (Atelier Guy Ness). Bedankt aan alle vrijwilligers voor hun hulp.

Zoek ons op Facebook
In de hoop u talrijk te mogen ontmoeten.

Muzikale groeten,
Steve, Laurent & Pascal

                        *     *    *   *    *    *    *   *    *    *   *     *    *    *
Dear friends, musicians and music lovers,

The end of August: our Big Jam Festival, several great concerts on August 29 & 30 in Mazy, bring your instruments !!! In the spirit of the PICNIC FESTIVAL, the next jam will happen on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of August 2014.

Where : at the wonderful Zy’coop place, 9a rue de l’usine, 5032 Mazy.


Friday: Doors opens at 19h
Jams and concert : Shenandoah Special

Saturday: Doors opens at 15h
Jams and concerts : Clo & Milo – Rudy Velghe & Guy Roelofs – Louvat Bros – Those F**** Bells

Who: fans of Bluegrass, Irish and Old Time Acoustic music, with their instrument or not, beginners or advanced … cheerfulness required!

More détails on our web site

Organising team: Steve Louvat, Laurent Eeckhout (Picnic Festival) & Pascal Similon from (Atelier Guy Ness). Thanks to all volunteers for their help

Become friends of Jam Bluegrass on our Facebook page

Looking forward to meeting you all there.

Musically yours,
Steve, Laurent & Pascal

Bluegrass In Belgium (including Concert Listing)

 Our friends at Bluegrass In Belgium have produced an impressive listing of Bluegrass concerts that will be taking place in Belgium during the last week of August and throughout September.

As well as checking out where you might find some great Bluegrass shows, also have a look at the Bluegrass In Belgium website (multi-lingual).

In addition to the calendar of concerts, there are links to Bluegrass associations (naturally, including the EBMA), listings of Belgian Bluegrass bands, small ads to buy/sell instruments and details of Bluegrass radio stations.

Bluegrass In Belgium
Link for more information
Aug 22
Blue Maxx
Barzoen, Warande, Turnhout
Aug 23
The Sons of Navarone
Gardens of Bredene,
Bredene, Park 't Paelsteenveld

Aug 28
Dekenstraat 40
3550 Heusden-Zolder
Aug 29-30
Shenandoah Special, Louvat Bros, Clo &
Milo, Rudy Velghe & Guy Roelofs, Those F**** Bells
Mini Picnic Festival
Aug 29
Maanrock, Mechelen
Apart Podium
Aug 29
zaal Masano
Waterstraat 38, Schaffen
Aug 30
The Sons of Navarone
Festival Ten Vrede aan de Ijzer
Ijzerdijk 49, 8600 Diksmuide
Sept 5
CC De Schakel
Sept 7
Shenandoah Spechial
Paardenmarkt 115, Antwerpen
Sept 17
Sundowners on TV

Sept 18
Blue Maxx
Koffiehuis Korenveld
Dorp 41, 2288 Bouwel - Grobbendonk
Sept 20
Blue Maxx
Muziek in de BIB - 2610 Wilrijk, Bist 1
Sept 26
De Groene Meersen

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

4 Wheel Drive (NL) - New CD 'Traveling Kind' & 'Pearl Sessions' Concert Series in Utrecht

Photo: Jan Lenting 

On Monday night September 1st, the award-winning Dutch/Belgian/German bluegrass band 4Wheel Drivefeaturing Jolanda Peters, will release its new album 'Traveling Kind' as the opening act for a new series of Monday night concerts called 'Pearl Sessions' ('Parel Sessies') in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Traveling Kind is the name that fits quite well to this combination of musical talent. Ever since they started playing and singing in Western Europe the crowds have been left happy and calling for more.

In the last days of August and into the first week of Septemberthey will travel to Ireland where they appear at the Ulster-American Folk Park Bluegrass Music Festival, then onto The Netherlands to play at De Parel van Zuilen) and then onto Switzerland for the Sunny Mountain Bluegrass Festival.

The 'Pearl Sessions' is a series of Monday night concerts by many national and international artists in the fields of bluegrass-traditional music, folk music, singer-songwriter genres. In the series there will be concerts such artists as Bluegrass BoogiemenJussi Syren & the GroundbreakersPam MacBethAmy Speace & Cara Luft, David Munnelly, Mystiquero's, The High & The Lonesome, Red Herring, MonroeLouvat Bros. and manymany more.

As well as playing their new album, Joost van Es, promoter of 'Pearl Sessions', fiddle-player of 4Wheel Drive and producer of the album 'Traveling Kind' will make a special announcement and reveal the headlining artist of the 3rd Gulpener Bluegrass Festival in Utrecht (link to the festival Facebook page). Tickets for the Gulpener Bluegrass Festival will be on sale from September 1st. Whoever this 'mystery' artist is, the appearance on May 14th at the festival will be their only show for the Netherlands and Belgium so there is likely to be a high demand for tickets. Bluegrass fans are warned:  ticket sales may be limited so keep an eye on this website.

Tickets for 'Pearl Sessions' €15 / €12 / €10
Name of venueDe Parel van Zuilen
Address: Burg. Norbruislaan 17, 3555ED Utrecht

Irene Kelley - European Concert Dates in September

Before making her way to Raleigh, North Carolina for the IBMA World of Bluegrass and Bluegrass Ramble events, Irene Kelley will be playing some dates in Belgium, Italy and France during September 2014.

Irene's latest CD, Pennsylvania Coal has deservedly received much praise and the invitation to join the Bluegrass Ramble lineup is, in part, to the success of Pennsylvania Coal; one of the IBMA's criteria for selecting artists for the Bluegrass Ramble is "[having] released significant new recorded material".

Here is Irene singing the title track of Pennsylvania Coal at Music City Roots:

The show dates (all September) are as follows:

  • Friday 12th - Château de la Motte, 28 Helshovenstraat Sint-Truiden, Belgium
  • Saturday 13th - Château de la Motte, 28 Helshovenstraat Sint-Truiden, Belgium
  • Monday 15th - Theatre de la Gaité Montparnesse, 26 rue de la Gaité Paris, France
  • Wednesday 17th - Apriti Sesamo, Via Alla Chiesa s.n.c. Bussana Vecchia, Imperia, Italy
  • Thursday 18th - Apriti Sesamo, Via Alla Chiesa s.n.c. Bussana Vecchia, Imperia, Italy
  • Friday 19th - Radisson Blu Hotel at Disneyland, 77700 Magny-le-Hongre Magny Le Hongre, France
  • Saturday 20th - Le Clou s'Entete, 30 Place des Vosges Nancy, France

More information can be found on Irene's website.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Downhill Bluegrass Band (Sweden) - New Album 'Wonderland'

Downhill Bluegrass Band from Sweden release their fifth album, "Wonderland"
Downhill Bluegrass Band is a six piece band which consists of some of Sweden's and Europe's best bluegrass musicians. The band has been around for 18 years and, in that time, has released a handful of albums and toured extensively in Europe and the US. They have been invited several times to the annual IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) event both as a band and as songwriters.

On this, their fifth album, the material has mostly been written by Jonas Kjellgren and Mikael Grund. They were greatly inspired by traditional bluegrass, both instrumentally and in the three-part harmony singing synonymous with the genre. As is typical in bluegrass, Downhill have also been influenced by traditional blues and country music though on the album's instrumental track, written by Erik Gunnars Risberg, a slight note from Swedish folk music can be heard.

Downhill Bluegrass Band was formed by Jonas and Kenneth Kjellgren with the intention of playing traditionally rooted bluegrass with a contemporary flair. Sharing the same musical ideas and sources of inspiration they started to play together in 1998.

The band members are: Jonas Kjellgren on mandolin and vocals, Kenneth Kjellgren on banjo, Mikael Grund on guitar and vocals, Kajsa Kjellgren Westin on bass and vocals, Nicke Widen on dobro and Erik Gunnars Risberg on fiddle

Former line ups have included:
  • Jan Ekman - dobro
  • Hans Wahlstedt - guitar/vocals
  • Christoffer Olsson (now in G2) - guitar/vocals
  • Jimmy Sunnebrandt (who also worked with the James King Band though now back in G2) - bass/vocals
  • Ryan Drickey (now with Finnders and Youngberg) - fiddle
  • Ivor Ottley - fiddle
But throughout the years, Jonas Kjellgren and Kenneth Kjellgren have remained the cornerstones of the band.

Downhill is also one of the organizers and host band of Torsåkers Bluegrass Festival, one of Sweden's largest bluegrass festivals.
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