Friday, 20 June 2014

Sweden's Bengt Adielsson plays with The Seldom Scene

Sweden's Bengt Adielsson plays in two bands - High On Grass and, with his wife, in Florence & The Nightingales. It is also fair to say that Bengt is a fan of The Seldom Scene.
After buying his first Seldom Scene album, Bengt then went onto see the band play live at Washington's Red Fox Inn (that, sadly, no longer in exists).
1999 saw Bengt then building a copy of John Duffey's 'Duck' mandolin.
Jump forward to June 2014 when, after being in email contact with The Seldom Scene, Bengt went to see the band play in Gaithersburg, Maryland and after picking a while with the band backstage was then invited to join them on-stage for 'From This Moment On'.

Bengt Adielsson with Dudley Connell
Photograph by David Morris and used with his permission
(Thank you, David)
For the full story, read David Morris' article on the Bluegrass Today website.