Monday, 14 April 2014

Beppe Gambetta Acoustic Night 14

Thanks to Beppe Gambetta for the news about the Beppe Gambetta Acoustic Night 14

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Thursday May 8, 8:30pm
Friday May 9, 8:30pm
Saturday May 10, 8:30pm

Piazza Borgo Pila 42, tel. +39 010 5342300

ACOUSTIC NIGHT 14 - The New Generations


The 14th edition of the Beppe Gambetta Acoustic Night is dedicated to "The new generations". Young emerging musicians will be Beppe Gambetta's guests in the traditional Genovese appointment with the independent world of acoustic music. The theme comes from the desire to investigate the new vibrations coming from a generation that grew up in the context of a "globalized" world, characterized by the ease of traveling and meet (even if only virtually) with artists from other cultures.
In an era characterized by great dynamism and technical communication is important to even ask this question: has the music of the younger generation the power to make positive changes as has happened many times in the past? Acoustic Night 14 is fed to this question and goes in search of opportunities to go beyond the cultural void of "talent shows", in which the appearance is more important than passion and poetry.
On the stage of the Teatro della Corte, in his usual role of artist, conductor and producer, Beppe Gambetta will open a window on an International group of young independent artists who have established themselves in a world far removed from that of the pure show business. It will be an itinerary intended to highlight new talent and new trends, through a dialogue that promises to be exciting and engaging: the Californian Rushad Eggleston is a great virtuoso on the cello, he explored the expressiveness of the instrument bringing it up to the extreme limits in technique and repertoire. An eclectic and eccentric artist, he has a compelling energy and an extraordinary ability to connect with the audience. The singer Aoife O'Donovan comes from a family of artists from the Boston folk scene. She is a charming artist with a refined voice, she has a strong charisma on stage and has to his credit already stellar collaborations and International awards. Mike Witcher from San Francisco is the rising star of the Dobro guitar (resonator guitar), constantly on the road with different bands, he is bringing his instrument to new levels of excellence.