Saturday, 22 March 2014

Tumbling Bones (USA): new album and European tour

As mentioned on the EBB on 6 Mar. 2014, Tumbling Bones (USA), from Portland, Maine, will make a six-week tour in Ireland, Germany, and Britain, beginning on 10 April. They will be playing at the 12th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival in Germany (2-3 May).

Earlier this week (18 Mar.) their first full-length album, Loving a fool, was released for digital download from their Bandcamp site. It will be released on CD in Europe on 31 Mar. (thus available on the tour) and in the US on 3 June.

Tumbling Bones, 'a group of young men inspired by old music', consists of Kyle Morgan (vocals, guitars, upright bass, piano, organ), Jake Hoffman (vocals, upright bass, banjo), and Pete Winne (vocals, guitars, banjo, harmonica, buck-dancing). More details are on the band's latest e-newsletter.