Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Old-time music in Barcelona - and elsewhere

The current issue (vol. xiii, no. 8) of the Old-Time Herald magazine includes a long letter from David Prat Duran in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, giving many details of the Barcelona region and the old-time music scene there - including the luthier Sedo García and his fiddling son Adria, the music store Guitarland, the Al Ras Festival, banjo-players Toni Gimenez and Gabriel Ramirez, fiddler Lena Uria, expatriate US musician and dance caller Greg Ryan, and much more.

David Prat Duran himself makes banjos and Appalachian dulcimers. His letter presents a picture of a compact but very enthusiastic and active scene, and the Old Time Herald asks its readers:

Do you live and play old-time music outside the United States? Write and tell us about your old-time scene!

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