Friday, 28 March 2014

Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival: tickets now on sale

C. Paul 'Dobroman' Lyttle and the organising committee of the Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival (MMBF) in Scotland announce that tickets are now on sale for this year's event (26-8 Sept.). Tickets can, for preference, be bought through this page on the website. Non-online purchases can be made by e-mail. In September (subject to availability) it will be possible to buy tickets for single events. Tickets can only be reserved if bought in advance; early booking is advised, as a few would-be attenders had to be turned away last year.

The MMBF website header (above) shows the Broken Strings band from Northern Ireland on stage; this year, as it happens, is one of the rare times the Festival has not had at least one band from Ireland on the bill.