Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mind over matter coming from G2

Thanks to the award-winning Swedish bluegrass band G2, who are headed for Nashville to record their next album, Mind over matter (see the EBB for 14 Sept. 2013), and who send this news:

The last six months we've been working really hard with new material for our upcoming album. We feel really good about what we've done so far and we really can't wait to record it. Compared to our previous albums we want to do things a bit different this time, and one aspect of that is to record in Nashville.

Why Nashville? For us, there's bunch of reasons... mainly it's the talent in that city, like the engineer and producer Erick Jaskowiak who we've decided to work with. But it's also the great atmosphere and the ability to go somewhere else and record for two weeks straight, instead of recording one weekend here and there as we've done in the past, which usually isn't optimal when making a record.

Other than that, we have also decided to bring a cameraman, David Elfgren. We want to be able to share the moments of making the album with all of you.

We're really stoked about this project, we hope you'll like it, and we hope to see you down the road!

You can see a video about the project on YouTube, showing G2 in pre-production talks with Erick Jaskowiak two weeks ago. You can also see it and support the project by visiting the Indiegogo website and making a donation!

Keep in touch with G2 on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For booking:
Tommi Rasmussen
MTA Production AB
Phone +46-76 340 66 44

Update 3 Feb. 2014: John Lawless published today this Bluegrass Today feature on the new album.