Tuesday, 28 January 2014

LIVE recordings Pete Seeger ABC Theater Prague 1964

Many thanks to Ruth Ellen Gruber for sharing this information:

"I just spent the weekend in Czech Republic, participating in the launch of the new bluegrass fusion CD by the Malina Brothers band. It can be said that the great Pete Seeger, who died Monday, launched the entire Czech bluegrass scene with his performances in the then communist Czechoslovakia in 1964. For the first time, people saw a five-string banjo being played, after hearing it on American Forces radio broadcasts. The first Czech five-strings were made from photos of Pete's. The concert was arranged in Prague by Pete's longtime friend Gene Deitch, who recorded the concert and issued it as an album, which has now been posted online."


LIVE recordings Pete Seeger ABC Theater Prague 1964
LIVE at ABC Theater

01. “T” for “TEXAS”
02. Kai Yo Wah Ji NEh
03. Amazin’ Grace
04. The Devil & the Farmer
05. Banjo Breakdown
06. Mr. Tom Hughes Town
07. Irene, Goodnight
08. Rock Island Line
09. Bourgeois Blues
10. Dark As a Dungeon
11. So Long
12. Talking Columbia
13. Lord God, Pittsburg
14. Why, Oh Why
15. Oleana
16. Michael Row the Boat Ashore
17. Bayeza
18. Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase
19. Tzena Tzena
20. Down by the Riverside
21. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
22. Living In the Country
23. Pete Seeger’s Comments 2/2001