Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Event listing in Bluegrass Europe #90, Jan.-Mar. 2014


Dear bluegrass bands and bluegrass event producers in Europe,

Happy New Year to you!

We're again working hard at the upcoming issue of our printed magazine and would appreciate you sending in your dates for inclusion in the calendar.

The deadline to send in dates for BE#90 is 10th January!

Please send in your public gigs and concert dates between 1st February and 30th June 2014! To do so, please use our Excel-spreadsheet (click http://www.ebma.org/uploads/media/BEXX_calendar_dates.xls to download); as usual, fill in your etails and email back the completed form to editor@ebma.org as soon as possible, no later than 10th January 2014.
To include regular sessions, please send us a separate email with details (e.g. every 1st Thursday of the month, time, place, what kind of session).

There's some space for advertising, too! As it comes, both inside cover pages are currently still available. Check out our rates and contact us for your package: http://www.ebma.org/be/advertising/

If you don't get Bluegrass Europe in your mail, but you would like to, please consider a subscription at only 25EUR/yr, get it online here: http://www.bluegrass-europe.org/subscribe-to-bluegrass-europe/ (only 6.25EUR per issue!). Your supscription also supports EBMA's endeavours to promote Bluegrass Music in Europe - so hey, why not subscribe today!?

Thank you for taking time to contribute!

Angelika Torrie
Chief editor for BLUEGRASS EUROPE