Monday, 20 January 2014

EBMA takes fresh approach to summit - Lonesome River Band to play at EBMA Pioneer awards show

Panel sessions aimed at providing practical insights and useful advice will replace the round-table workshops at this year's summit, with more fun and extra-curricula activities planned throughout the weekend to keep participants active and involved. 

Lonesome River Band to headline concert on Saturday evening.
The 6th European Bluegrass Summit will once more take place in the beautiful city of Prague, hosted by Rosta Capek and Ivana Loukov√°, two very experienced promoters and organisers. As a highlight, Ivana and Rosta have arranged for a concert with the one and only Lonesome River Band to be presented on the Saturday of our summit, which will frame the presentation of the second set of EBMA pioneers and personality awards.
The concert is about to be sold out shortly. EBMA has a limited number of tickets to the concert available for summit participants, so an early registration for the summit is highly recommended!
As in previous years, attendees are invited from all European regions and beyond, the costs and arrangements for travel, subsistence and accommodation are the entire responsibility of the participants. A number of rooms have been reserved in the OREA Hotel Pyramida****, Belohorska 24, Prague 6. Therefore early booking is advised.

Panel sessions to replace table discussions
The board of EBMA feels that the round table discussions that formed the core of previous summits have served their purpose well in getting the summit positioned as a building block of the European Bluegrass scene and that we should now move towards more practical sessions along the lines of IBMA’s World of Bluegrass.
Each panel session will offer participants an opportunity to ask questions and interact with a panel of experts on the subject for one hour. Panel sessions will not be on at the same time so participants may attend all of them if they wish or, if they prefer, they may take part in some of the extra-curricula activities that will be running throughout the weekend.
Check out invitation and programme. Czech in! – once more!