Friday, 17 January 2014

Bluegrass im Klosterhof 2014 - another roaring success

Thanks to Birgit and Dieter Stoll (Horse Mountain Acoustic Duo) for this news:

The 4th annual 'Bluegrass Im Klosterhof' mini-festival, held on the second Saturday in January, again turned out a great success. No posters were hung, no flyers were distributed, the festival wasn't even advertised online - and still, all 200 tickets were gone two weeks after sales started on 1 December. From 7.00 p.m. through 12.30 a.m., seven acts and the indispensable finale jam populated the stage in the historic seventeenth-century building in southwest Germany. 

The organisers held a poll asking attendees, among other things, if they thought five-and-a-half hours of acoustic music were a bit too much - and only 12% thought so (I guess most of them had standing tickets only - unfortunately we can't seat all of the 200 which is the maximum legal occupancy). So, next year it's going to be another long night - mark your calendars: 10 January 2015, 7.00 p.m. through whatever wee hour.

This year's line-up included Horse Mountain (local heroes and organisers of the whole event), Nashville Blue, Mr. Big Band, Four Potatoes, Songbird, and George Baehr & Baehrtracks. Also, Rudie Blazer had compiled a temporary project band with Rainer Zellner, Norbert Dengler, and Bernd Müller.

Many thanks to all the talented artists and, most of all, to our loyal (and largely local!) audience base, see you next year!

Horse Mountain Acoustic Duo
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