Friday, 27 December 2013

Last jam of 2013 at Mazy, 27 December

Thanks to Steve Louvat, Laurent Eeckhout, and Pascal Similon in Belgium for this news:

Dear friends, musicians and music lovers,

Next Friday 27 December 2013

Where: at the wonderful Zy’coop place, 9a rue de l’usine, 5032 Mazy.

The purpose of the jam is to let the musicians to propose tunes to each other, spontaneously, following the feeling of the moment. However, to allow to everybody to be comfortable, we will suggest every month 1 'standard' piece of the style which will be certainly played! On Dec. 27, we will play 'Red Haired Boy'.

More details on our website!

Organising team: Steve Louvat, Laurent Eeckhout (Picnic Festival), and Pascal Similon from 'l’Atelier Guy Ness'. Thanks to all volunteers for their help.

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Looking forward to meet you there numerous,

Musically yours,

Steve, Laurent, & Pascal

The team adds:

Dernière JAM de l’année !!! Spéciales retrouvailles Québecquoises !

En concert: 'Kieran Fahy - Lorcan Fahy - Simon Donnelly'

Avec ce trio irlandais bien connu, c’est l’Irlande qui s’invite à Mazy !