Monday, 9 December 2013

Giving Back to Tony Rice, Part 2

I would respectfully like to follow-up on my colleague's post regarding legendary guitar innovator Tony Rice. 
As so often is the case in Blue Grass music, our pioneers occasionally come upon hard times ~ both financially and physically. Such is the case with true guitar legend, Tony Rice. if you are not aware, Tony has been battlng arthritis in his hands for many years. Often his cancellations have resulted in many rumors regarding his health. But the truth of the matter is that he has all too often had severe pain in his hands and fingers and could not perform. Recently Tony, and his wife Pam, have had to come to terms with the fact that playing guitar is an impossible and painful task. Unfortunately Tony's music has been - and still is - their only means of income.
Please pay special attention to something John Lawless mentioned in his article at In this time of need you may help give back to Tony by purchasing his excellent biography, "Still Inside: The Story of Tony Rice".

Unfortunately much of Tony Rice's website is not updated nor in working order, but you may purchase the book from the publisher at the link for the book's title shown above. If you care to send Tony a personal message there is a Tony Rice 'Guest Book' on his website. He does read his messages.

Please help if you can. 
As John Lawless wrote in his column: 'This isn't charity, this is giving back to Tony.'

   Tony recently told a friend, 
"I never thought my guitar would ever let me down."