Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tumbling Bones in Europe, April-May 2014: update

Following from the EBB post of 22 October, the US trio Tumbling Bones from Portland, Maine, send news of their plans for next spring on this side of the Atlantic, including their third tour in Ireland. Dates are still flexible, but the outline of the schedule is as follows:

April 10 through 30: Tour of Ireland (both Republic and Northern);
May 1 through 5: Germany, appearing at the Bühl Bluegrass Festival;
May 6 through 20: Tour of Britain, arranged by the Owlsworld agency.

... We've got a new album on the way, and as a preview we just released a single off it, titled 'Broken things'. You can listen to it and download it for free here. We have a Kickstarter campaign going for the record, which you can visit here, where people can contribute and pre-order the album.

Tumbling Bones // Gritty Traditional American Music
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