Saturday, 16 November 2013

Nechville gears up for the future

The EBB is glad to hear from banjo-innovation wizard Tom Nechville of Nechville Musical Products (NMP), Minnesota, USA. A frequent visitor to European festivals and banjo events, with notable European pickers among his 'Banjo Revolutionaries' circle, Tom writes:

Nechville has many strong international friendships, and with my passion for building inspirational banjos, I'm working toward seeing the banjo flourish around the world. It is an interesting time we live in. The world is getting smaller, and we are finding more ways to relate musically even across oceans. I see a huge and growing world market for banjos [...]

As a lifetime player and builder, I've never been happier with the sound, appearance, comfort, playability, and wide range of selection that we can now offer. In short, our thirty-year quest for better banjos might be called a tireless passion for achieving the sound that players want.

NMP recently acquired Woodhaven Industries, the USA's top tone-ring producer, giving the expanded company state-of-the-art turning and machining facilities and expertise for producing the world's best precision tone rings. Distributor and builder inquiries are invited. With this expansion, Tom can offer virtually any custom combination, both in banjos with his Heli-Mount system, and in those with traditional-style pots.

Recent Nechville breakthroughs include a Cyclotronic version of a 40-hole archtop tone ring, interchangeable with the standard NMP flat-top ring; the new Crescendo Acoustic Harness amplification system for banjo; and the Flux Capacitor system for trad banjo bodies, to add to his many earlier innovations including the Enterprise Bridge and redesigned armrests. More specifics, including more about the history and concepts behind Nechville Music Products, can be seen on the NMP website, NMP blog, and Banjo Hangout blog.

Tom also has this invitation for banjo-pickers who are forward-thinking and open to ideas: 'Nechville is eager to build the instrument you've been dreaming about.'

9700 Humboldt Ave. South, Bloomington, MN 55431
Office +1 952-888-9710
Cell +1 612-275-6602