Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Country music history in Ireland Immersion Weekend in Tennessee, 15-17 Nov. 2013

A complete schedule of events is now available for the Ireland Immersion Weekend (15-17 Nov.) in Brentwood, TN. The Weekend is presented by the Irish Gift organisation and features 'a full spectrum of Irish culture for those interested in immersing themselves in what Ireland has to offer'. It will also include a performance of 'The mockingbird sings', a musical drama centred on the historic 1927 recording sessions in Bristol, TN, often called 'the Big Bang of country music'.

In the main programme for the Weekend, attenders will be able to eat and drink characteristic Irish fare, go to concerts, sessions, and workshops in Irish traditional music, dance, and song, hear Gaelic spoken, watch hurling matches, ride on donkey carts and Conamara ponies, and much more. The weekend offers every opportunity of being surrounded by Ireland, while still in Tennessee. The editor of the Bluegrass Ireland Blog wonders:

... is anyone offering a mirror-image experience, for the benefit of those in Ireland who'd like to feel they're in the catchment area of the Bristol Sessions?