Wednesday, 2 October 2013

'Sunny Dogs' in the US: part three

Thanks to Andy Glandt of Jena, Germany, for the final instalment of his account of the US tour last month by the duo Sunny Dogs (Andy, banjo; Rudi Mund, guitar):

In Minnesota and Iowa we have so many friends that we got a lot of invitations to play at house parties. That is a lot of fun, because mostly you get to know other musicians and it ends in a big jam. There is no time to write. So, sorry that I'm writing this from home. This afternoon we were back in Jena.

Yes, these house concerts - that's what we did most time of the last two weeks except one nice concert in an opera house in Corning, IA, and another one at Tom Nechville's workshop in Bloomington, MN. We met so many nice people and got already some offers for next year.

We want to thank everybody who helped us to make this tour possible. There are too many to name them all here. Hope to see you around and keep picking,


Musician and Songwriter