Monday, 7 October 2013

International bluegrass as seen at IBMA

(photo: Bluegrass Today)

As an American bluegrasser encountering the wider world of bluegrass for the first time, Tara Linhardt had good experiences at IBMA's World of Bluegrass 2013 - as shown in her feature 'The I in IBMA' on Bluegrass Today.

At the EBMA/EWOB stand in the World of Bluegrass exhibition hall (shown above), Tara learned about the European World of Bluegrass Festival from Pieter Groenveld (who earlier this year received one of the first EBMA European Bluegrass Pioneer Awards). Her article also includes a five-minute video of Red Wine (I) performing at a showcase and getting a very warm response to their medley of Italian songs.

Understandably, the strongest impression was made by the Ozaki Brothers, who received an IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award for their role as pioneers of bluegrass in Japan - having embraced American music at a time when it was both extremely difficult and dangerous to do so. Read more and see a video of part of their acceptance speech here.