Monday, 28 October 2013

Change in voting system for #1 European Bluegrass Band at Voorthuizen, NL

Thanks to Ronald Groot, Chairman of EWOB in Voorthuizen, NL, sends news about the organisation's decision to change the voting system for the # 1 European Bluegrass Band Award Voorthuizen. Here's the complete media release:
Handl, CZ, #1 EBB 2013

"The last years IBMA made it clear to the organization of the EWOB, that they can no longer guarantee a spot at their festival for a European Band and therefore also not for the winner of the #1 European Bluegrass Award at the EWOB Festival Voorthuizen.
The ROMP-festival in Owensboro, Kentucky, home to the International Bluegrass Music Museum (IBMM) and ROMP Festival has decided to step in and help us promote European Bluegrass. This year Goodwill from the Czech Republic presented European Bluegrass with great results.
We are happy that ROMP helps us to promote European Bluegrass and we are of course more than happy to work with them. The ROMP organization understands our idealistic voting system, but have asked us to introduce a jury component in the system, similar to their own procedure. This jury component was also suggested by several bands playing at EWOB 2013. Of course the EWOB organization is more than willing to combine the two systems, to make sure that the participating bands feel that a just and fair winner is chosen.

Therefore the voting system for the #1 European Bluegrass Band 2014 award will be different.
How is the winning band chosen in the European Bluegrass Band Award competition?
The winner of the #1 European Bluegrass Band Award will be chosen by all the musicians (almost 200) performing at the EWOB Festival and also by a jury of experts to judge all bands, with a 50-50 value to the votes of the bands and the votes of the jury.  This way the winner will be a vital expression of the musicians appreciation, as well as the result of an objective view from non band-members.
Who is eligible to compete for the European Bluegrass Band Awards?
Every European bluegrass band selected to perform at the European World of Bluegrass Festival is eligible for this professional awards competition, except the #1 European Bluegrass Band of the previous year. Non-European members of competing European bands must be official residents of a European country.
What are the benefits of winning the European Bluegrass Band Awards?
EWOB's award winners take home a title they can use to build their professional careers. Being a European Bluegrass Band Award winner is an impressive asset to any band's credentials when booking tours or trying to get press and radio attention. A smart band will include their European Bluegrass Band Award title in their bio and promotional materials for their whole career, not only for the year when it is current. If you have been a #1 European Bluegrass Band, you can make use of this title forever (but please use the year at the end of your title, to avoid confusion).
The results of the European Bluegrass Band Award competition are sent to hundreds of music publications and radio programmers, event producers, and bluegrass fans worldwide. The award winners are featured on our website and in Bluegrass Europe magazine.
The #1 European Bluegrass Band is featured as one of the headline artists at the following year's EWOB Festival. They are not eligible for the awards competition for that year. The organization of the EWOB would like to thank all who have taken the time to make these suggestions to help us to always improve our festival.
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