Sunday, 29 September 2013


 Thank you, Klaus-Christoff Hoffmann, who is one of the organizers of Wintergrass, for sharing this announcement with us.

Wintergrass in Groningen

On December 30 until the first of January next year the New Year's Eve festival Wintergrass will take place for the 3rd time.
Wintergrass is a bluegrass festival in the city of Groningen (the Netherlands), but not your average festival. It takes place on 4 ships in the centre of the town.
Not only will you be enjoying the programm and the jams, you will also sleep in one the many cabins on board (2 persons in each cabin).
All ships have sufficient hot water showers and toilets, a well equipped kitchen and a nice lounge to celebrate and make music. The cabins all have a sink and two bunk beds. Please bring your own pillow, sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag. Two of the ships are really luxurious, with a toilet and shower in each cabin and bedding is also available.
It won't be cold on board and you won't get seasick. The ships are situated in the heart of the beautiful city of Groningen (NL ) in a scenic canal.

 On the first day (December 30) you will be welcomed on board with coffee, tea, or any other beverage of your choice.
Our kitchen staff will have prepared a delicious meal for you to enjoy in the evening.
From 21.00 hrs. you can listen to the first two shows on board. Singer-songwriter Jan Henk de Groot and bluegrassband Stringtime will have great shows prepared.After a night of jamming the next day will start of with breakfast on board. In the morning and afternoon you will have time to explore the beautiful city of Groningen, to enjoy the ship or to continue jamming.
At lunchtime we provide a couple of sandwiches and whatever else occurs to us. In the evening there will be delicious food and drinks and of course the New Year's Eve concert with Heartstrings and one of the best bluegrassbands in Europe, Lazy Tater.
At midnight we can all enjoy our glass of champagne and the incredible city fireworks!
After all night jamming we invite you to the new year at a late breakfast on the first of january.
In the early afternoon we will all travel home again.
Since you cannot park directly at the ship with your car, you can ask us for a parking opportunity. Loading and unloading is of course allowed .
Price pp. € 90 (standard cabin), € 150,- (luxury cabin) Prices all inclusive! The prices include all the meals on board and all the drinks on board!
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