Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Folk Artist Sean Kagalis Video Premier

Trenton Carson Productions LLC
Sean Kagalis's  "At Any Rate"        

 Music Video Premiere 

September 3, 2013 - Marietta, GA.- Independent folk pop/ bluegrass artist Sean Kagalis has released his first major music video "At Any Rate", of his latest album "Working Parts". 

Sean Kagalis is a veteran of the Atlanta music scene who has steadily built a following with honest lyrics, intense vocal delivery and a demanding stage presence.  A poster child for live online performances, Sean has won over fans spanning the globe with his avatar Strum Diesel in the 3D virtual world Second Life.

In December 2011, Sean Kagalis developed a severe case of tendinitis. Half of the songs on Working Parts were written before this occurrence and the other half after. This release represents a seemingly defeated, over-worked artist literally fighting through the pain to show that the injury has not won.

"At Any Rate" is Sean's love song to music making.  The song speaks to the experience of faithfully following a dream.  Originally written as a piano ballad, the song neared Pop/Gospel territory when produced in the studio. It is Sean's favorite song on his 2013 release "Working Parts".

"At Any Rate" was directed by emerging filmmaker Trenton "TC" Carson, who is also the founder of video production company Trenton Carson Productions LLC.  Sean and Trenton spent months preparing for this music video with many different concepts in mind before settling on what you see here. Trenton's interpretation of the "At Any Rate" track prompted him to use a considerable amount of close up's and slow motion in the beginning, then switch to medium long shots and faster edits after the break. "I wanted to expose the sheer nakedness of the beginning of the track with the vastness of the open landscape and pathways." Sean felt it was key to include one of his infamous guitar straps in some of the scenes in appreciation for his die hard fans who has followed him on his journey.

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