Thursday, 26 September 2013

Castle Picking Party in the Netherlands

Thanks to Hans Kelderhuis who sends this news and photos:

Last Sunday the 3rd Castle Picking Party was held in Groningen, the Netherlands. The Picking Party seems to be getting bigger every year. It takes place in a big building, which used to be a real castle, so even with about 180 to 200 visitors there was plenty of room to take part in one of the many jams.

One hall was transformed into a stage area which hosted nine bands. Among those bands were the Suncourt Ramblers from Belgium and the very talented young band Velvet Joe & the Bluegrass Diamonds (below).

Organisers Hans Kelderhuis and Ben Wiltjer would like to thank all the volunteers, the many musicians, the bands, and the managing director and employees of the Castle for making this bluegrass event worthwhile.

The 4th Annual Castle Picking Party takes place on 28 September 2014. You can find more information on