Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Dobro/Resonator guitar infographic

The Secrets of the Dobro
András Dancsák, a Hungarian graphic designer and  banjo player sent news of his latest work: the Dobro/Resonator guitar Infographic. Some of you might still remember the Banjo Infographic, posted here on 2nd October 2012.
This again is a high-resolution graphic design (see above) which gives - under the title 'The secrets of the Dobro' - a sectional view of a Dobro/resonator guitar, the 'essential tools'; an outline of the development of Dobro construction; the lineup of a classic bluegrass band (all six instruments); a selection of famous players (Jerry Douglas, Mike Auldridge, Rob Ickes); and much more information.
For a closer look at the design, use this link. There should be a place for this on the walls of Dobro-players all over the world... 
For a taste of many other infographics (racing courts, events, ...) András produced, visit his page: