Monday, 31 March 2014

Radio playlists

Kabel 87.5 MHz - Omroep Venray - Ether 90.2 MHz:
The programme supports the European World of Bluegrass Festival, which will be held next on 29-31 May 2014.

Radio Vrolek, 107.7 MHz; local cable 105.5 MHz; Information TV-channel 2:
Countrymusic Round Up, Tues. 19.00-20.00, Sat. 12.00-13.00

Radio Free FM Ulm, UKW 102.6:
Antistatic Country Time, 24 Feb. 2014
* Programmes in this series are broadcast live on Radio Free FM and and are repeated on on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. (European Continental time).
Antistatic Country Time can be heard on Radio Free FM's live streaming Digital Audio Lounge.

Alive Community Radio (107.3 FM), Dumfries, Scotland: 'Criffel Creek' playlist, 30 Mar. 2014 (10.00 a.m.-12 noon on alternate Sundays; available on 'Listen Again' for seven days after the initial broadcast)

Playlists and links to streaming radio for the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association's radio show are on the SBMA website.

PopStop: 'Americana Club' playlist, 26 Mar. 2014, presented by Walter Fuchs (Wednesdays 22:00–24:00; frequent repeats, times variable: see PopStop schedule)