Wednesday, 7 August 2013

new: Find links to fine bluegrass related blogs on the EBB

Our editors just added a new gadget to the European Bluegrass Blog: check out the right column and you'll find not only the complete archive, and links to European and International bluegrass websites, but also a listing of selected Bluegrass related blogs - all great sources of information
Our latest addition is PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS, lead by Brian McNeal. With the addition of Niall Toner to the editorial team, this blog is worth a visit even more. We congratulate our colleagues on their great work, and look forward to sharing the news with our readers!
Prescription Bluegrass Radio and Front Page Bluegrass News are heard 
on over 50 radio stations around the world.  
The Prescription Bluegrass Blog is viewed by over 225,000 readers.