Friday, 30 August 2013

BE#88 and BE#89

For those who worried whether our magazine hadn't made it, here's the good news: the EBMA's printed magazine BLUEGRASS EUROPE #88 made it safely into members' and subscribers' letterboxes early July. Featuring "Women in Bluegrass" we focussed on numerous ladies, both veterans and young. The magazine was available for sale at the La Roche Bluegrass Festival in France, where the title picture of the two Candy Floss girls from Slovakia was taken a year ago. We're just about sold out of this issue, so if you're not a member or subscriber, you'll have to wait for #89.

Content of BE#88: Editorial ¦ EBMA  NEWS ¦ Candy Floss Bluegrass Band ¦ First Bluegrass Festival Bulgaria ¦ Women in (my) bluegrass world ¦ Della Mae (USA) ¦ BluegrassDuinen - News Europe ¦ Wookalily ¦ European Workshops (2) ¦ Concerts & Festivals ¦ News US ¦ Roni Stoneman ¦ Concert & Festival Calendar ¦ Miss Dixie Hall ¦ Echoes Dobrofest ¦ CD Reviews ¦ EBMA's European Bluegrass Guide ¦ Radio Formats with bluegrass

The deadline for #89 (Oct - Dec 2013) is 10th September 2013 and will focus on bluegrass music in one European country. In addition, you will find the latest updates on bluegrass music in Europe and more. If you would like to contribute a CD review, book review, concert report or preview of an event in late fall/winter, or anything else you'd like to see in BLUEGRASS EUROPE, please feel free to write to our editor.

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We wish all our readers a pleasant rest of the remaining festival season - great things are going on this weekend in Northern Ireland, England, Belgium - well, just everywhere!!!

Angelika Torrie