Wednesday, 7 August 2013

2013 Didmarton Bluegrass Festival now officially a “community” festival

29th Aug to 1st Sept, 2013
Kemble Airport
Due to uncertainty brought about by the present economic climate and growing trends affecting ticket sales and attendance at music festivals, the organising team decided to downsize the Didmarton Bluegrass festival in 2013 to reduce the financial risk and also ensure it has a real future beyond 2013.
After this decision, things have taken a turn in the right direction and it seems the British Bluegrass community is pulling out all the stops to make sure a decent show is possible. John Wirtz writes on the festival's welcome page:

"The 2013 Didmarton Bluegrass Festival is now officially a “community” festival. The event lives on due to a serious amount of goodwill from the Bluegrass and Old Time communities. It will be held in it’s usual place at Kemble Airport (formerly Kemble Airfield) and will offer the usual fun and games.
Check out this website to get all the info you need to look forward to another great festival. The programme is as good as you will get on the British scene this summer and the ticket price has been reduced to reflect the downsizing. It’s now incredible value at £45.00 for the weekend (£55.00 at the gate).
So, from the event that almost didn’t see its Twenty Fifth birthday, the celebrations are on. It will be the last one that Moira and I are involved in organising and there will be a new management team for the 2014 festival.
As the festival has been downsized, facilities will be limited and we cannot sell as many tickets as in previous years. Sales are going well at the moment and there are plenty of tickets still available. But when we reach the max, there will be no more to be bought. To make sure you get your entry into this landmark event, book now!"

For more information, contact John Wirtz