Friday, 5 July 2013

Old-time music camp in Spain, 28 Sept.-5 Oct. 2013

Thanks to the weekly news blog of the Friends Of American Old Time Music And Dance (FOAOTMAD) for this news:

Enrolment is now under way for the next La Fuente music camp in Andalucia, featuring Alice Gerrard and Beverly Smith as teachers. This is the third time that Alice and Beverly have worked as a team at La Fuente, and their week has been fantastic.

Daily sessions will be offered in fiddle, banjo, guitar, individual and group singing, and other topics that may prove to be of interest. Cost for participation is £550, which covers everything except travel to and from the site.

For further information, visit Kate Lissauer's website and go to the events page and the gallery, and contact Kate through that website or via e-mail.