Monday, 1 July 2013

Bluegrass Camp Germany scheduled for 11-13 April 2014

Thanks to Michael Pugh, banjo player and US resident in the Munich area, who announces the official launch of Bluegrass Camp Germany. Its first three-day meeting is scheduled to be held on 11-13 April 2014 at Fischbachau, Bavaria, southern Germany.

Michael is associated in this project with Rüdiger Helbig, who has been regarded as Germany's most renowned 5-string banjo player for over thirty years. Rüdiger and his wife Heidi are the owners of the Folk Laden music store in Munich, 'Germany's Finest Acoustic & Vintage Instrument Center'.

In addition to Rüdiger, the Camp's scheduled 5-string-banjo teachers include Greg Cahill (USA), Tom Hanway (USA), and Tom Bodenmann (CH). Other faculty members will include Clay Jones (USA), flatpicking guitar; Philipp Schoppe (D), mandolin; Phil Leadbetter (USA), dobro; and Heidi Helbig (D), vocal and harmony. Fiddle instruction is also planned.

Rüdiger Helbig will also give instruction on banjo setup, and his band Huckleberry Five will give band workshops. All faculty members will be involved in jamming and instruction in 'survival techniques'. Students of all playing levels are welcome to register. The Bluegrass Camp Germany website is at present under construction; the Camp is also on Facebook.

Bavaria is now well provided with bluegrass instruction, as the established Bluegrass Camp Munich is scheduled to be held next on 4-7 October 2013.