Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The start of a new era for

Since 2006 ukbluegrass has been an essential source of information for events on the bluegrass scene in Britain. In recent months, however, activity on the website has been suspended. Katherine Selby of the UKB operating team has just announced the start of a new era:

ukbluegrass is changing.

After almost seven years we can no longer run the site the way we have in the past. However, we are very aware that ukbluegrass has proven to be a valuable resource over the years, so rather than abandoning the site completely, we are changing it to keep the best features. The changes will include:

- a redesign of the site
- removing the regular news stories and updates
- changing the listings to major events only: we will continue to list all festivals, picking weekends, and similar events. Tours and other small-scale one-off gigs will no longer be listed. You are more than welcome to post news of such gigs in the forum.
- a greater emphasis on occasional, bigger updates such as major announcements, interviews, reviews, videos, etc.

You can view the site through or, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook if you’re into social networks. Thanks for your support this far, and hopefully we’ll see you at a festival soon.

The first post to appear on the new UKB is an interview with the Punch Brothers (USA).