Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Larkin Poe & Thom Hell (NO): The Sound of the Ocean Sound

Connaisseurs of bluegrass anxiously watched as two-thirds of The Lovell Sisters left the mountain music to pursue Larkin Poe a few years ago. With musician friends playing more blues than bluegrass for years, Larkin Poe was a crooked folk rock band that spent a long time trying to figure out soul.

Last year's Thick as Thieves showed that Lovell sisters had suddenly seen the light, suddenly melodies and the exciting mix between blues, folk and Americana came into place. The girls with the band delivered a fantastic concert at last year's Troll Rock on Beitostølen, which only further reinforced the impression that Larkin Poe had something going on. During Larkin Poe Valdres visit they said they collaborated with Thom Hell. Now the album is finished. Larkin Poe's strange and crooked but beautiful melodies with Thom Hell's amazing ability to create catchy pop songs where blue is chosen as a base color, has become an unbeatable combination.

Although cooperation is the foundation through the album there is still no doubt who guides the ship on the different tracks. Opening tracks "I belong to love" and the darker "Shoulder to shoulder" is Larkin Poe from A to Z. The girls' ability to create catchy songs that are not really catchy gives the listener a lot of excitement and fun to chew on. "PS I love you" (not the Beatles song) is an ancestral treat that drives the album forward to a lovely Thom Hell Department and in many ways enhances the quality of the album, while it is important to remember that he writes music in an entirely different way than Lovell sisters. Thom Hell "As good as you" and "Missing you" are without exagerating some amazing songs where the sisters help with the choir and of course Megan Lovell characteristics dobro games.

The album was recorded in the ocean sound studio at Giske outside Ålesund. This convention meeting between American fjelmusikk and Norwegian music from the shoreline was, mildy spoken, a great success, no doubt!

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