Tuesday, 4 June 2013

1st Italian Bluegrass Meeting - “Close your eyes and it’s Tennessee”

Thanks to Danilo Cartia & Letizia Sampaolo for this great coverage on a first-time event held in Italy:

"Am I in Virginia? In Tennessee? Or in Kentucky?", it is the question that Jackie Perkins, American musician singer-songwriter in Sarzana asked herself at the end of the evening gig that concluded the first Italian Bluegrass Meeting held in Liguria. "I think anyone who had closed his eyes - said the singer-songwriter - and listened to the concert without knowing where he was, could wonder 'in which state of the US are we?' And once realized he was in Italy he would have incredulously appreciated the beauty and the close resemblance between the music just listened and the original one."
Great success of the first Italian Bluegrass Meeting held on Friday May 24 in Sarzana. It was part of the 16th Acoustic Guitar Meeting, an international event dedicated to the acoustic guitar. Many emerging and professional bands, and several artists from many Italian regions were present despite the uncertain weather that was mild enough to allow also a great audience participation.
The Bluegrass Truckers, The Band Likewise, The Country Owls, The Horny Brothers, The Tumbleweeds, The Funny Mountain Boys and all the other musicians performed on the moat stage. From 11 am to 7 pm artists of all ages had the chance to meet, discuss, and perform with their own band or joining other bands coming from di erent places. The technical workshop dedicated to mandolin and banjo held by Martino Coppo and Silvio Ferretti in the late afternoon was also much appreciated, and gained involvement and participation. There were also many opportunities to learn about the other typical instruments of this music, such as violin, guitar and double bass.
At the end of the evening gig, the Italian Bluegrass All Stars band took the main stage. Danilo Cartia, lead vocal and 5-strings banjo, Massimo Gatti, backing vocals and mandolin, Leo Di Giacomo, lead vocal and guitar, Anchise Bolchi, lead vocal and violin, Icaro Gatti, double bass, o ered an enthralling performance. Then, at the end of the gig, a surprise for the audience: Marco Pandolfi, Michele Anselmi, Paolo Monesi, Riccardo D'Angelo, Silvio Ferretti, Martino Coppo, Paolo Bonfanti, Max De Bernardi reached the stage as special guests to take part to a big jam session. They were all important musicians, some of which have been working to spread bluegrass music in Italy.
And it was Tennessee in the heart of Liguria, just as Jackie Perkins said. "The Bluegrass Meeting in Sarzana was an event that has no precedent in Italy" - is the comment of Danilo Cartia, the author and organizer of the event – "and that was greeted with much enthusiasm. I hope it is the starting point for a new space and a new place dedicated to this genre. We can do more, and we will do even more."

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