Monday, 27 May 2013

Seeking for CDs of European bluegrass bands for Review/Airplay

Thanks to Niall Toner for his request:

Greetings from Ireland. I have been asked by Brian McNeal of the Prescription Bluegrass Blog in the USA to present a couple of reviews of European Bluegrass CDs each month. I am reviewing CDs of Red Wine and Aragon Mill Bluegrass for June, but need a supply of European CDs to continue through 2013.
So here's a request to European bluegrass bands to send me their CDs for review! All CDs sent will also be considered for Air-Play on my Roots Freeway Radio Show on RTE Radio One, which returns to the National Airwaves on June the 1st.
CDs, with Press Releases should be addressed to my home as below.
Thanks in advance, yours, Niall.
Niall Toner Music
Teach Burren
Co Carlow

EBMA is happy to let you know, these reviews may also be used in our printed magazine, Bluegrass Europe!