Friday, 17 May 2013

1st Bluegrass Meeting at Sarzana, Italy, 24 May 2013

Danilo Cartia (I) sends this reprint of his article in the latest issue of Bluegrass Europe, the official EBMA magazine ('Rivista Ufficiale della Associazione Europea di Musica Bluegrass').

The 1st Bluegrass Meeting will be held a week today (Friday 24 May 2013) at Sarzana, Italy, as part of the 16th Acoustic Guitar Meeting (22-6 May). Workshops, jams, and stage performances will be included, of which the high point will be the Italian Bluegrass All-Stars - Danilo Cartia (banjo), Massimo Gatti (mandolin), Anchise Bolchi (fiddle), Leo Di Giacomo (guitar), and Icaro Gatti (double bass), with special guests.

See also Danilo's advance information, which appeared on the European Bluegrass Blog on 6, 19, and 20 March 2013.

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