Monday, 13 May 2013

14-16 June 2013: 1st Spring European Bluegrass Weekend, Vichy, France

Jeff Tronelle, chairman of the French Bluegrass Music Association, proudly announces a new event coming up:

The France Bluegrass Music Association has held a national gathering of acoustic country music musicians at the Omnisports center of Vichy for eleven years. The event takes place every year and was attended by a good hundred of people playing bluegrass music. The 2013 edition of this event, the WINTER BLUEGRASS WEEKEND, is scheduled for 8-11 November.
To share the passion with more people, a second event was considered necessary, and the city of Vichy liked this idea so much they became partners of a new event.
For the first time, the SPRING EUROPEAN BLUEGRASS WEEKEND, featuring three European bands, one each from the Slovak Republic, from The Netherlands, and from Belgium, during two concerts, will be carried out on 14-16 June 2013.
For any questions, contact Jeff or check out their website and mark calendar - French hospitality surely is something to enjoy, and supporting this first time event is certainly worth the effort!