Friday, 12 April 2013

Surprise guests at Bühl press conference

Walter Fuchs, director of the Bühl Bluegrass Festival in south Germany, writes:

What a surprise - the band Monroe Crossing [USA] attended the second press conference in Bühl for the 11th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival. They were on the way from Basel, Switzerland, to Tübingen, Germany, and made a three-hour stop at Bühl, joining the press conference, where they played four songs, dressed in wonderful stage clothes.

They were presented with a bottle of red wine from the area for each musician, including the driver Big Herbie [Schildhammer], and were invited for lunch by Mr Klaus Dürk, the city’s new head of cultural administration. Before lunch he invited the band for a little walk through the town showing them the church and other impressive buildings and places. A mighty happy band left Bühl to play a concert in Tübingen. At 4 May they’ll be back to play the Bühl Festival.

Walter also sends two reports from the local press, one of which is reproduced above.