Monday, 8 April 2013

News from Denmark

Thanks to Spencer Sorenson, Bluegrass Music Denmark correspondent for his report:

Arne Sørensen accepting Pioneer award.
All of us in Denmark are very pleased that Arne Sørensen was named as a European Bluegrass pioneer at the recent EBMA bluegrass summit in Prague. There would be lot less bluegrass in Denmark, were it not for Arne's efforts.
We are also pleased that Denmark is sending two bands to the EWOB festival this year, where we will be represented by Ungrassified and The Basement Bluegrass Band. Ungrassified will also play at the Naasville Bluegrass Festival in Ätran Sweden in July , and the band Special Blend
is scheduled to play at the festival at Gränna in Sweden in August.
Our monthly concert program in Copenhagen continues, and we will end the first half year with Monroe Crossing and the Roys from the USA, and G-Runs 'n Roses from the Czech Republic, and Kristy Cox and Calder Highway from Australia, all before summer vacation, a real exciting program.
Previously, we had concerts by Julie and the New Favorites from Norway, and the Blue Dolls, a trio from Denmark.